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This 5-minute YouTube video gives you a quick-view of the global operations of Curtis in a nutshell.

welcome.jpgBest in Class AC controller technology ...


The safest.

Dual-micro architecture meets or exceeds the latest international functional safety requirements.

With unmatched performance.

Outlasts and outperforms with more features, improved ratings and simple motor auto-characterization routine. Powerful, enhanced 64 MHz main-microprocessor and extended FLASH memory.

With vast flexibility.

Super programmability with minimum effort. Configurable CAN master capability with proprietary Vehicle Control Language (VCL).

The most reliable.

Curtis has decades of experience in the field of controllers and, as a global technology leader, has sold millions of units.

That's all true! 

But, those are many words. Let's just say it simply:

Curtis = Confidence

Plus – Someone to help you use it!

Meet a member of our team, your partner in industrial vehicle system integration.

Even the most experienced EV OEMs can be challenged by today's highly specialized, advanced controller technology. At Curtis, we understand that – and we have a solution. We provide an expert partner to assist you from beginning to end, at every stage of the process.

Our engineers, are just those of our many experienced and enthusiastic customer support engineers around the world.  Each member of this highly skilled team stands ready to support major OEMs in leading-edge product development. Our global network makes Curtis an extension of your own engineering department.

We will partner with you to specify, design and build a complete electric vehicle control system, so you can build the best possible EV.

We are ready to help you.

Packed with new features and capabilities

New E-Series Controllers

Meets EN ISO 13849-1:2009 and the updated EN 1175-1:1998+A1:2010 functional safety standard.

Color LCD Vehicle Instruments


enGage® VI and VII Programmable, CAN compatible with full Input/Output integration. Integrates full panel functionality into a single display.

Just released

New Acuity® Video

The newest, most accurate, most reliable and most complete set of vehicle battery information explained in a short video.

Curtis introduces new 3.5 inch Color CAN programmable vehicle instrument

engageVI.jpgMount Kisco, NY. Curtis Instruments, Inc., a global technology leader in vehicle instrumentation and controls, has introduced a new product in the enGage® series of microprocessor based, programmable, CAN compatible instruments with powerful I/O capability for easy system integration. The Curtis enGage® VI is compact with a 3.5 inch display ideal for a wide variety of on- and off-road electric vehicle applications, including material handling, industrial, utility, and recreational.

The new enGage VI provides true versatility to vehicle OEMs, who can select between cased units and modules. Instrument designers benefit from a beautiful and effective array of graphic capabilities, colors, shapes and lines, as well as voltage options from 12–48VDC or 60–144VDC. Screen customization flexibility is virtually limitless. The enGage® VI & VII is a blank palette that allows the vehicle OEM to design a unique, special and fully customized panel fully suited to the application, with complete flexibility to match the instrument to the vehicle's display requirements, displaying many functions and instrument readings based on OEM defined functional and operational system parameters and thresholds. The enGage® VI & VII can be controlled and configured with the proprietary Curtis Vehicle Control Language (VCL) from a Curtis AC controller.

Like its predecessor, the enGage VII with 5.7 inch display, the more compact enGage VI features an exceptionally sharp, easy-to-read, high-resolution LCD screen for optimum viewing. Rich, vivid colors, sharp imagery, strong contrast and high-color vibrancy allow the perfect palette for designing virtually any custom screen. The unit has two color video inputs, both of which accept NTSC or PAL format. enGage VI seamlessly integrates with Curtis AC vehicle speed controllers and input devices without requiring additional code and is fully CAN compatible—CANopen, SAE J1939; and interacts with any CAN node on the vehicle network.


enGage ® VI

3.5 inch programmable CAN Vehicle instrument. Versatile, powerful and flexible Curtis enGage instrumentation in a compact size.